Product quality

Our customers will find in our cocoa a high-quality certified product that contributes to well-being and health.
We are committed to preserve the original varieties of cocoa. Each step of the process meets the requirements of our customers. To do so, we carry out rigorous quality control from the production to the product export. Our products are being produced according to the standards of sustainable, organic and fair trade agriculture (FLO).
We put our beliefs into action through an egalitarian and proactive commitment, without discrimination of any kind.
We are committed to improving the quality of life of our partners through our services, skills development and continuous improvement.

Cocoa In Organic Grain Fair Trad

General Characteristics

  1. Washed and disinfected.
  2. Moisture content <4% <4%.
  3. No additives added
  4.  Not roasted; processed to raw standards
  5. Considered one of the best antioxidants because of its high content of polyphenols (epicatechins).
  6. High mineral content
  7. Free of allergens, GMOs, BSE/TSE and without irradiation.


Cocoa Poste

General Charecteristics

  1. 100% cocoa paste in presentations of 100gr the Unit, Elaboration with Cocoa Beans of Tocache origin – San Martín – Peru.