Cooperativa Cacao de Aroma is a cooperative of the second level, made up of six cooperatives located in the province of Tocache, San Martín region and the populated center of Paraíso, Huánuco region in the Peruvian Amazon, grouping more than 1,000 producing partner families of Cacao, which work under the principle of sustainable organic agriculture and fair trade.

Cooperativa Central Cacao de Aroma was founded by 06 Cooperatives in March 2014, with 03 specific purposes:

1.- Being a Marketing Channel.

2.- Look for sources of financing such as working capital with interest rates that help improve your profitability.

3.- To be a Platform to generate large Productive Projects that help to solve common needs of its members.

We have as Objectives:

Practicing an Economy of Scale and United have Power of Negotiation.

Our Cooperatives Bases and Founder Members are:

CAU – Cooperativa Agroindustrial Uchiza Ltda.

COOPA – Cooperativa Agroindustrial de Paraiso Ltda – Huánuco.

COPACANP – Cooperativa Agroindustrial Cordillera Azul of Nuevo Progreso Ltda.

CPCACAO – Cooperativa Agroindustrial CPcacao de Nuevo Horizonte Tocache Ltda.

COPAVAMI – Cooperativa Agraria del Valle del Mishollo Ltda.

NUEVA VISIÓN – Asociación de Productores de Cacao – Cachiyacu Polvora